Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010 Recap

Christmas Card

Jared is now halfway through his second year of medical school at West Virginia University and is still loving it.  He studies hard and makes sure to play just as hard with Jules each day.  We are grateful that we live so close to campus.  Jared walks up to class and is usually done by 3pm each day.  He comes home and spends the rest of the evening with us, even if his nose is in a book.  This will be a busy spring for us.  We are moving to another city in West Virginia in May where Jared will start his rotations for his third and fourth year of school.  Then he’ll be studying hard to prepare for the Boards this summer. 

Kelli is teaching early morning seminary this year.  She loves it!  She has really missed being in the classroom, so seminary has been a fun calling for her.  It is so rewarding to be able to share her testimony every day with these kids.  We are getting excited for our baby boy to join us in March!  Recently Kelli has been telling Jules that her baby brother is in mommy’s tummy.  So Jules will give Kelli’s tummy hugs and kisses.  But the other day when we asked where the baby was, she pointed at Kelli’s tummy, and then at her tummy, and then at Jared’s tummy.  Obviously she doesn’t quite understand.  I’m sure she’ll be in for quite the surprise when she’s not the only child in the house any more.

Julia has grown so much in the past year.  She is now 19 months old.  She is talking more and more each day.  Her favorite phrase is “Outside go!”  She tells us daily that it’s time to go outside.  She loves to wear shoes, hats, and necklaces.  Her favorite activity is “doing the dishes”.  We have a step stool that she stands on by the sink and plays in the water with the dishes. 

We are so grateful for this time of year that we celebrate the Savior’s birth.  Though the story of His humble birth to the virgin Mary is beautiful and miraculous, we are especially grateful for His perfect life, His atonement for us, and that He broke the bands of death so that we might live again and be reunited with our families for eternity. 

Merry Christmas to you!  We hope you are happy and well.

Much love,

Jared, Kelli, Julia, and baby boy